What to do if you spot a seal in the wild

The UK’s coastal regions are bursting with wildlife, large to small, in the air and on the land, but one of the most well-known animals that is native to our beaches are seals. They are large, generally relaxed creatures but because of their size they can be incredibly dangerous if approached or they feel threatened, … Continued

Endangered vs Extinct: What’s the Difference?

The world is home to an incredible amount of different species, each with its own unique characteristics and role to play within its ecosystem. Unfortunately, many of these animals are at risk of disappearing altogether for a number of different reasons. Here at Tynemouth Aquarium we play our part in the preservation of some of … Continued

Ghost Fishing Gear

What is it? Ghost fishing gear is what happens when commercial fishing gear is lost or discarded. So what is the big deal? This discarded fishing gear can cause serious problems for marine animals. Fish get caught in nets or on lines and die, this attracts predators who also get caught causing issues across the … Continued

Miraculous recovery for seal injured by fishing gear

Seal recovery followed injured by fishing gear One lucky seal at our Marine Rescue Centre has been given a second chance after horrific injuries. The seal, named Helena by her rescuers, was brought into the rescue centre at the end of July because she had been caught in some ‘ghost’ fishing gear and has multiple … Continued

Pair of wild seals released back into the wild.

This week two rescued seals have been released following treatment at Blue Reef Tynemouth’s Marine Rescue Centre. Bruce and Gabrielle were recovering from injuries for the last month and were finally released back into the wild. Bruce was picked up locally, underweight and with a few injuries, Gabrielle’s journey to Tynemouth was a bit more … Continued

10 Devastating Facts About Ocean Pollution

The ocean is one of the most expansive and diverse places on earth. It’s one of our most valuable natural resources and it’s where 230,000 marine species call home and is threatened by pollution. Unfortunately, despite its powerful expanses, the sea is not invincible. As a result, many fish populations are being driven to the … Continued

Trio of seal pups Released back into the wild

Three grey seal pups have been released back into the wild from the rescue centre this week. The three seals have spent the winter recovering from injuries in the purpose built rescue centre in Tynemouth. They all came in from beaches around the North East after calls from concerned members of the public. Named after famous … Continued

Plastic Free Coastlines – Tynemouth

Plastic Free Coastlines – We are delighted to announce that we have joined Surfers Against Sewage in their recent campaign With the ultimate goal to make our coastline plastic free, Surfers against Sewage are encouraging businesses to use less plastic. Tynemouth is the latest town hoping to achieve the ‘Plastic Free’ status with many businesses … Continued

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