Farne Islands missing seal pup recovering at Blue Reef Tynemouth

Seal Pup Rescue at Farne Islands

Farne Islands is host to hundreds of Grey Seal pups during the winter. off the coast of Northumberland. Seal pups are born with a coat of white fur and stay with their mother for up to a month.

Last week the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) rescued a pup at St Mary’s Island in Whitley Bay with an abscess. The seal has been named Barry and could be tracked back to the Farne Islands thanks to his markings.

He has been moved to the Marine Rescue Centre at Blue Reef Tynemouth whilst he recovers from his injuries. The Staff and volunteers who run the centre aged him at around 3 weeks old. At this age he should be still on land feeding from his mother. So he is extremely lucky to survive the 40 mile trip at sea.
Weighing in at 30kg, this seal is heavy, but the white fur confirms that this it is definitely a pup.

Seal Rescue Team Reaction

Terry Mckeone, Head of Seal Rescue at Blue Reef Tynemouth said “We are happy to say that Barry is doing very well.

“At his age he was very fortunate to survive his journey from the Farne Islands, so to see him recovering so well is great.”

“We are excited to get him back to full health and release him back into the sea.”
It is thought that Barry had been washed away into the sea with the recent bad weather.

Grey seals like Barry and their close relatives, harbour seals are both commonly seen in the North Sea. However, increasing numbers need the help of rescue centres such as the one at Blue Reef Tynemouth.

Barry will be kept at the Rescue Centre for around 6-weeks, until he is well enough to fend for himself. While he is there visitors can watch his progress and learn about what they can do to help the seal population.

If you would like to see how Barry is doing, you can visit him at Blue Reef Tynemoutg, if you book online you can save up to 25%!
Grey seal pup Barry rescued from the Farne Islands.

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