Here at Tynemouth we love and care for our seals everyday making sure they have everything they need to have a long and happy life in captivity. However living in the wild isn’t as easy as life in our tanks and many seals that are found around the local area end up sick or injured. As an Aquarium and an prominent part of the Tynemouth Community we have created our seal hospital to take in seal pups who have been left injured and nurse them back to health.

There are lots of dangers for new seal pups at the start of their lives from bashing into boats, to swallowing plastics, you never know why seals may become injured. However, what we do know is they are a lot more dangerous than they look which is why we encourage people not to approach them, but instead contact the RSPCA who are able to offer the correct advice on the situation. Many of these reported cases come to our Seal Hospital which has 6 pens that we use to treat our seals, with a few pens that can be seen by the public. Some of the seals are treated in the more private rooms so they are in a less stressful environment.

We have many tactics to keep the seals comfortable and happy as they grow big and strong enough to return to life in the wild.


Current Water Temp

<20°C / <68°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome


In This Exhibit

2 mammal

Where are we?

British Isles

One of the cutest things we see is the baby seals nestling into on of our wetsuits that we use to replicate the texture of their mothers skin which will provide comfort to the pups and they receive treatment. The inside of the hospital is not accessible to the public as this can bring in added risk to the pups and may stress them. If you were to come into the hospital you may need a nose peg as these little seals don’t smell as nice as they look!

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