What to do if you spot a seal in the wild

We are very lucky to live in an area which is home to a vast array of wildlife including one of the largest seal colonies in the UK.

This makes sightings and interaction with humans more likely, so here are a few tips to remember if you see a seal in the wild.

Seals are wild animals, even though the pups look adorable, they can give a nasty bite and can pass on diseases to people and other animals.

Stay well back and keep dogs and children well away, not only can the seal cause you harm, but if you get too close to a young seal pup you may cause it’s mother to abandon it.

Never attempt to put one back in to the sea. If it is injured or too tired this can be fatal for them, it is likely to be just having a rest and will make it’s way back in to the sea when it is ready.

If it does look injured and in need of some help, call BDMLR  on 01825 765546 who will come and access the seal and if needed, take it back to the aquarium’s Seal Hospital for treatment.

Seeing an animal like this up close can be amazing, but keeping your distance is the most important thing to remember, especially if you have your dog with you.

If you would like to learn more about our local wild seals and what to do if you come across one, staff at  Tynemouth Aquarium are giving some great advice which you can hear at the twice daily seal show.

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