Trio of seal pups Released back into the wild

Three grey seal pups have been released back into the wild from the rescue centre this week.

The three seals have spent the winter recovering from injuries in the purpose built rescue centre in Tynemouth. They all came in from beaches around the North East after calls from concerned members of the public.

Named after famous musicians, Johnny (Rotten), Kylie (Minogue) and Ringo (Starr), the trio were released following their full recovery.

The staff and volunteers who look after the seals were particularly happy to be able to release Ringo. He came in following some nasty injuries to his neck, caused by an entanglement with fishing gear.

Mark Sand from Blue Reef Aquarium spoke about the hard work of the rescue team.

He said: “It is always great to see the rescue seals released back into the wild, as the team work so hard to get them back to full health.

“We have had a very busy winter at our rescue centre, therefore it is great to see the seal pups back into the wild.

Ringo’s injuries are a stark warning about the dangers of human waste entering the sea.

Visitors are able to check on their progress and learn more about the seals by visiting the aquarium.
The seals are cared for in the Marine Rescue centre by staff at Blue Reef aquarium and volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR).

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