People love our seals because they are so adorable, others love the Marmosets because of their cheekiness and some love Piranhas because they are so deadly. However the collection in our Weird and Wonderful exhibit are just so down right strange you can’t help but be intrigued by them. As you walk from tank to tank it just gets more and more bizarre that you don’t know if what you are looking at is a real animal or a very lifelike animatronic we have made to try and prank you.

As you learn more about these animals you will build a bank of fun facts to impress your friends about the strange creatures of the sea. Each of our exhibits has plenty of detail about each animal that lives within it from the tropical seas to the British isles this really is a worldwide selection of some of the most unique species around.

Current Water Temp

Various /

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Temperate & Sub-Tropics & Tropical

In This Exhibit

2 inverts, 7 fish

Where are we?

British Isles, Indo-Pacific

Have you ever seen a shrimp so sassy that they would put Beyoncé to shame as they strut their stuff? Or a fish that spends most of its time trying to copy a lonely leaf floating through the water? Or seen a Seahorse famous for having a big belly but in reality doesn’t even have a stomach? Our Weird and Wonderful fish are very photogenic and love to be stars of the show but make sure you don’t post them on Facebook on April 1st or your friends may think you are playing a trick on them.

In This Exhibit

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