Some fish only eat algae others will dine on small crustaceans however the residents of our predator exhibit love nothing more than to hunt other fish. Although not as big as other predators such as sharks and water based mammals their smaller size allows them to hunt in the reefs and corals where a large variety of tropical fish live. Due to this appetite for reef fish our predators are kept well away from our tropical seas tanks as they would love to chow down of the small colourful fish who dart around these tanks.

Although these fish hunt in similar oceans they have all adapted different techniques and skills to capture their prey. Our bright lionfish work as a team using their wide fins to trap schools of fish in a tactical manoeuvre leaving them with no escape. Moray Eels however prefer to ambush their prey giving them no time to swim away. These skilled predators have become top of the food chain in their eco-system as their skin is toxic so all other animals stay well away including humans. Feeding time is often very lively in this tank and they display some of the behaviours and techniques they use in the wild.

Current Water Temp

25°C / 77°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Tropical Reef

In This Exhibit

4 fish

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There is always a lot going on in this colourful and interesting tank as the Clown Triggerfish darts around with their bright colours glistening in the water, or the lionfish who you may even spot swimming upside down. The real thing that will intimidate you is coming eye to eye with our moray eel who will stare at you with his mouth agape looking as if he is going to pounce.

In This Exhibit

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