Unfortunately there are many reasons animals become endangered such as pollution destroying their habitat, the over hunting or fishing of a species, or the introduction of an invasive species along with many more. In our Endangered Zone we showcase some of these at risk animals as they continue to live successfully in captivity although believed to be extinct in the wild aquariums and zoos have helped to continue the preservation of these animals.

Many animals who are native to Mexico are becoming increasingly endangered such as our Axolotl as urbanisation increases the surrounding natural habitat is being destroyed in place of more housing and factories.

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Our axolotls on the other hand have had a lot of research done on them which is one of the reasons they are on the endangered list of animals as their regeneration abilities along with many others created great intrigue amongst the science community so large numbers were often captured to test. In this exhibit we want to inspire our visitors to help protect a variety of sea life to stop them from becoming at risk like the animals in these tanks. Captivity is the only way these animals have survived and we like to showcase and celebrate the great work of aquariums in breeding and supporting these animals who would otherwise be completely extinct.

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