Kenny Loggins has slammed on the breaks and turned back around on the A1058 because not even he is brave enough to enter this Danger Zone. There are loads of different films about scary dangerous animals from Snakes on a Plane to Jaws however there has never been a blockbuster starring the real most dangerous fish in the sea and that is the Stonefish. The most Dangerous thing about the Stonefish is they don’t have to try and attack you they just sit and chill out and their unsuspecting victims fall into their trap. Similar to our Danger Zone you are just walking around looking at some beautiful colourful fish, waving at the seals or pulling faces at the marmosets and next thing you know you have fallen into the Danger Zone.

It might be quite hard to see the Stonefish as they blend in so well with their environment but don’t be fooled if you were to step on him that could be the last step you ever take. But please don’t ask to put your hand in the tank because our First Aid team may be talented but not even they can treat a Stonefish sting.

Current Water Temp

23°C / 73.4°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Tropical Reef

In This Exhibit

1 fish

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In This Exhibit

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