The Aztec empire consists of originally modern day North Mexico before they formed alliances and takeovers of many other South American regions. After first settling in the 13th Century the Aztec people showed great innovation in architecture. However the Aztecs were on desired land for European conquest as they were invaded and overpowered by Spanish colonists. They had much more sophisticated weaponry than the Aztecs and brought with them foreign diseases like smallpox, mumps and measles which the Aztec people had no tolerance for. Although most of the Aztec structures were kept in tact to be used by the new settlers the ocean became home to many artefacts and remains of destroyed buildings.

The clear blue seas of the Indo-Pacific would welcome and preserve these artefacts until present day where they have become part of the underwater environment. They are now occupied by a variety of beautifully coloured fish as well as coral reefs and small sharks. In our Aztec Reef we have tried to recreate these beautiful combinations of ancient architecture and nature as they merge together. We have a variety of different views into this tank from our huge curved acrylic screen where you can capture some stunning photos to our underwater tunnel that will give you a unique view from the bed of the ocean. Our Aztec tank is home to some of our biggest animals such as our black tip reef sharks and our cow nose rays that fly gracefully around the tank.

Current Water Temp

25°C / 77°F

Water Type

Salt Water

Climate / Biome

Tropical Reef

In This Exhibit

5 elasmos, 15 fish

Where are we?


Along with these bigger creatures there are some fun and unusual fish that look as if they have escaped our Weird & Wonderful exhibit such as our Vampire Tang and Oriental Sweetlips. We are also lucky to be the home of a true Hollywood superstar Dory the Regal Tang is a firm favourite amongst our visitors now you’ve found her you’ll need to spot Nemo! This tank is one of our biggest and most diverse as it gives you a snapshot of how intricate an eco-system exists within the Indo-Pacific region with so many different species large and small all living together in the one reef.

In This Exhibit

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