Red Footed Tortoises are mostly found around the forests and grasslands of mainland South America however small groups are found in islands such as Barbados and Trinidad. These tortoises thrive in hot humid environments so we need to make sure that the temperature in our tank replicates that of the hot South American sun.

Although living off a mostly herbivore diet eat plants. fungi, and fruits they do sometimes eat small invertebrates and animal matter. The black skin of the Red Footed tortoise is covered in brown and grey bumps however as juveniles these bumps are outlined by a bright yellow colour. Their name comes from the prominent red markings that develop on their head legs and tail.

Mating is very competitive within this tortoise community and many males will fight other males for a female. These can be very aggressive and lead to one of the tortoises being flipped onto their back and unable to get back up. To identify each other males and females rely on subtle head movements. Once a breeding pair have joined the female will lay up to 15 eggs In a nest made out of leaves. After around 150 days the babies are ready to hatch and can live up to over 50 years.


Reptile: slow moving tortoise

What do they eat?

Leaves, invertebrates, grass and flowers


Max 28cm

Water Type


Where are we?

Central and South America

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