The Leaf Scorpionfish can be found in tropical waters throughout the Indo-Pacific region especially around. They will spend most of their time in reefs and around rocky areas. They are able to go undetected even out in open waters as they give off the appearance of a floating leaf in the water and can exaggerate their sway when they feel threatened as to appear more leaf like.
It is easy to see where they get their name from, heavily resembling a leaf and also being laterally compressed like one.

They can come in many different colours such as yellow, green and pink. Due to the fact that they shed their skin every few weeks, they are also able to change colour. During This time, dead skin may say attached for a little while but this all helps with their camouflage.

As ambush predators, the Leaf Scorpionfish will wedge themselves into a spot between rocks and use their swaying motion to attract prey. Once their prey comes close enough, they will jump or hop towards it and suck it straight into their mouths. Just like other scorpion fish, they also have venom in their spines although this isn’t very strong so won’t effect large predators. Females will produce eggs which are then released into the water to be fertilised by males. The eggs then float to the surface and stay there until they are ready to hatch.


Fish: camouflage master

What do they eat?

Small fish and crustaceans


Max 11cm

Water Type

Salt Water

Where are we?

Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean

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