Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

Through visiting Tynemouth Aquarium and this website we hope that we have been able to share our enthusiasm and admiration for the marine world and its incredible inhabitants with you. The seas and oceans belong to us all – they are a limitless source of fun, wonderment and entertainment. We rely on them for food, to supply energy, control our weather, as means of transport and as a place to relax and enjoy our leisure time.

These same oceans are also responsible for providing scientists with many new drugs and medicines. The oceans give us so much yet this precious marine environment is in desperate need of our help to safeguard its future. As the human population continues to grow, the oceans’ resources become increasingly stretched – pollution, over-fishing and habitat destruction – are all taking their toll.

Yet it’s not all bad news – there are many wildlife and conservation bodies both here in Britain and throughout the world that can provide lots more information and practical opportunities on how to help safeguard our unique natural heritage.

And it’s really very easy to get involved in helping to save our seas.

From taking part in beach cleans to being aware of the danger of buying endangered sea shell trinkets – we can all make a difference. Your visit to the aquarium and this website should be the beginning, not the end, of your ocean adventures.

The links from here illustrate some of the vital work Tynemouth Aquarium does behind the scenes from rescuing seals, rehabilitating turtles and breeding seahorses.

To further your conservation journey why not visit us and take in one of our talks focusing on conservation.