Welcome to Tynemouth Aquarium

Welcome to Tynemouth Aquarium – the new name for Blue Reef Tynemouth.

What’s new with Tynemouth Aquarium?

There is much more than a new name – Tynemouth Aquarium will have a completely renovated the outside of the building, modernising how it looks and ensuring the building is ready for plenty more British winters!

Inside we have installed new toilets making them more comfortable for our visitors and more environmentally friendly too.

All of our exhibits have had their lighting upgraded to make them look even better and to give our fish a more natural day and night effect.

We have also added some great interactive elements to make your visit even more engaging.

We are also proud to introduce you to our brand new exhibit – River Giants!

River Giants

River Giants is our brand new immersive exhibit bringing you up close to some pretty huge fish. Our River Giants come from far away rivers such as the Amazon – a far cry from what you would find in the Tyne, Wear or Tees!
Some of these giants can grow to 130cm – the size of an average 9 year old!
Make sure you check out our brand new River Giants show at 11am and 2pm every day!

We are not done yet…

Our new café will be the perfect place to enjoy a meal before checking our one of our shows or to relax with a drink and take in the beautiful views.
Open to both aquarium visitors and members of the public, we are excited to share our new café with you.
Come and see for yourselves!
Come and check out what’s new – remember to book online and save 10%!

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